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Edible Flowers for a Salad
The fifth in the Carolina Arbors Murder Series books

The Carolina Arbors neighborhood is confronted again with a mystery. A neighbor has moved without alerting anyone. Detective Vinder is asked to solve a case that isn’t. He’s on a car-jacking case that takes most of his time. However, that case quickly turns into something that looks like a new kind of crime, becoming increasingly apparent in the state and the neighborhood. With a family at the Arbors about to lose their house, Vinder learns how well edible flowers go in a salad from a neighbor. He’s about as interested in that as in the case that isn’t… until all the cases seem linked.

What reviewers are saying about Edible Flowers for a Salad

" Recommended"
Top 50 Reviewer

Juice Before Breakfast
The fourth in the Carolina Arbors Murder Series books

The opioid crisis has not gone unnoticed in North Carolina or Durham County, and it takes three detectives to get to the bottom of how it influences the 55+ community. Detective Vinder and young detective Acosta are faced with murder on July 4th. Many events in the months before form a large set of circumstances that only partially explain why the victim was targeted. With locales set in The Villages in Florida and the Del Webb community in Durham, NC, the reader will soon understand why the I-95 corridor has such a bad reputation regarding the transportation of illegal drugs.

What reviewers are saying about Sloppy Joe For Dinner

" This episode addresses the use of opioids – a national crisis growing each day with the now prevalent synthetic opioid fentanyl... Illegal drug marketing, murder, and some fine detective work make this new novel both a great read and an education! Recommended"
Grady Harp (Sept 18, 2022) Top 50 Reviewer

This book is a SILVER MEDAL winner of the 2022 Global Book Award

Sloppy Joe For Dinner
The third in the Carolina Arbors Murder Series books

The murder of a new neighbor in a shower stall at the Clubhouse has detective Vinder baffled. The man's past seems erased and there is no apparent motive. Slowly, some facts appear as Vinder questions members of a Men's Dinner Club. They all have strong links to New York City which prompts him to unravel the mystery of who the victim really is. He finds his clues in New York and reports his finding to the Sleuths book club after he solves the case.

What reviewers are saying about Sloppy Joe For Dinner

"This is a very entertaining and engrossing murder mystery made all the more special because of the creative approach. Hopefully this technique of writing will continue through the series. Recommended."
Grady Harp - Top 50 Reviewer

Litte Ace And His Big Adventures
A Children's book

Little Ace lives with his family in a small thatch-roofed cottage near a forest. He is a small boy but very brave and always willing to help. He sets off on unexpected adventures and often gets into trouble, but all ends up okay. There are 14 adventures in the book, each taking about 15 minutes to read to children. The stories are fun and children often ask to read a particular adventure again. Suited for 4 to 11 year old children.


What reviewers are saying about Little Ace And His Big Adventures

"Another Winner! The timelessness of Tom Thumb-type adventures! The stories are brief and fare best when read aloud to youngsters. Recommended."
Grady Harp - Top 50 Reviewer

"Fun read - even for a grown-up! It got me hooked on the first ten pages. Wonderful stories. Recommended."
Mary Minter - Durham, NC.

No Tacos For Lunch
The second in the Carolina Arbors Murder Series books

Detective Vinder of the Durham Police Department is con- fronted with the abduction and murder at a food truck. All indications are that one of her boyfriends has committed the crime, but who are they? A white Mercedes has been seen near the truck. Vinder, with the help of Officer Ramón Acosta and the Thursday Afternoon Sleuths Book Club members solve the crime.

What reviewers are saying about No Tacos for Lunch

"The unique approach to writing works very well indeed. The manner in which Hugo interplays with the other ‘authors’ is contagiously entertaining and the quality of writing, though varying from input to input, is surprising strong. The story is particularly excellent.Hopefully this technique of writing will continue through the series. Recommended." Grady Harp
Top 50 Reviewer

Mud Cake For Breakfast
The first in the Carolina Arbors Murder Series books

Detective Travis Vinder has to solve the mystery murder of a neighbor in the 55+ community he lives in. Carolina Arbors is a great place to be, but there are several neighbors who know something about the murder. Perhaps they are suspects and it is clear that several people are involved. Travis gets help from the local book club to solve the whodunit...

What reviewers are saying about Mud Cake For Breakfast

"an interesting and fun mystery set in a vibrant retirement community" Dorothy Sawyer
"I thought I had solved the mystery by the second chapter but there were so many twists and turns in the plot that I found out quickly that I was wrong." JoannB
"...would recommend to any mystery affecionado!"
Linda E. Christensen

The da Vinci Cloth
Another Tom Arden novel based on a screenplay by the author

Tom Arden follows a lead from a 16th century painting and believes it contains a clue to a large treasure hidden for centuries. His travels take him to Italy and Cyprus where he hits a dead end when a zealot acting as a protector of old Ottoman Empire's secrets thwarts the attempt to uncover a treasure. A fierce battle at one of the oldest roman ruins ensues and has unexpected results...

What reviewers are saying about The Da Vinci Cloth

"The story, nestling between The Da Vinci Code and National Treasure, is fascinating and intriguing"
Tamara Longsdon Hawkinson

"... I will say that it moved fast just the way a mystery should be and the different locations certainly lend to the plot and the adventure of it all."
M.E. Robertson-Hoon

Rembrandt Redux
Published by Authorhouse 2011

Tom Arden runs an art store but has not always been up front about the provenance of art works. When he discovers a long lost Rembrandt painting, he changes his tune and wants to take all of the windfall. His plans are thwarted by a German criminal hired by descendants of Nazis who had a firm stake in stolen art during both world wars...

What reviewers are saying about Rembrandt Redux

"Uyttenhove's writing style is similar to the interpretation of art itself: varied and personal, yet unifying and global, all in one fell swoop. A study of arts role in society and how its apprized historically, culturally and individually, Uyttenhove's book is essentially an examination of how people across the globe, and from all walks of life, are willing to risk their lives for art." Omar Figueras
The US Review of Books

Grand Scale Larceny
The Heist of the Flemish Primitives

Published by Lulu Press 2010

Hannah Jacobs is putting together the exhibition of a life time, gathering world famous paintings in one location. Getting the Flemish Primitives to the USA is not as simple as planned. Chechnyan and Russian Mafia discover the value of the masterpieces and and plan a heist. They underestimate the tenacity of Hannah in her quest to recover stolen art...
What reviewers are saying about Grand Scale Larceny

"What I liked best about this fiction story is the balance between intellect, emotion and action. The story is well informed about art, the business of art and the operation of art museums internationally. It gave me new reasons to care about art and admire professionals in various occupations related to the business side of art. At the same time, there was danger and suspense throughout, giving me that edge of the seat feeling."
Citizen John

Amsterdam Trialogues
Translated from Dutch - Author Jan van Raemdonck

Rembrandt van Rijn, Vincint van Gogh and Anne Frank are geniuses in their own right. All three were barely noticed by their contempories. In the Amsterdan Madame Tussauds museum, their wax statues come to life and enter into a trialogue, a three-way conversation.

What reviewers are saying about Amsterdam Trialogues

"In essence, this book is a look into the souls of three important Dutch people in history: Anne Frank, Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt van Rijn. During a conversation, some of their views and innermost secrets are at time revealing the depth of their thinking, and shocking in their positions. This is a must read! "