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Author's Bio

Hugo Uyttenhove has written three mystery/adventure novels based on an earlier screenplay developed for Writers Boot Camp in California. The da Vinci Cloth recently was featured by Global Summit House at the Frankfurt Book show and met with rave reviews. A fourth novel, set primarily in Egypt, features 18th dynasty personae and Nefertiti's family as the background of recovering a stolen statue. The publication is scheduled for 2022.

Together with Carolina Arbors Sleuths Book Club members, he has written three murder/mystery books, with a fourth one set to be realeased in the spring of 2022. The stories are set in a 55+ active retirement community.

He also put the stories he told to his grandchildren into a children's book titled Little Ace and his Big Adventures. This book was published in August of 2020.

Hugo Uyttenhove was born in Belgium and has lived in the USA for over forty years. After a one-year American Field Service scholarship, he returned stateside and graduated with a degree in Physics from Cortland College and received a Masters and a Ph.D. in Systems Science at Binghamton University. After a ten-year teaching and business careern in The Netherlands, he returned with his family to the USA. While CEO of an Information Technology company specializing in data protection and management with offices in the USA and several European countries, he wrote several technical books.

His first mystery novel Grand Scale Larceny - The Heist of the Flemish Primitives, was published in 2011. At that time, he joined Writers Boot Camp to study scriptwriting. He wrote several film scenarios and a TV pilot based on the main character of his second and third novels. He recently completed an adaptation of his father's World War II diary in the form of a short story and developed a play based on the first murder mystery novel.

He includes experiences from his travels to over thirty countries, his language skills and his passion for interesting historical facts and art. He currently resides in Durham, North Carolina.